WQN Phone Calling Cards - Features & Benefits

 Online Account Management My Account –OPTIMIZED!

With WQN’s secure online account management system you can view your calls and purchase history, recharge your account, manage your personal information (including your credit card details), register/unregister ANIs to manage PIN-less dialing, view your access numbers (toll free and local access) manage your speed dial and the new Magic Numbers option and even to submit a trouble tickets to our Customer Service team.

Enhanced Security –OPTIMIZED!

In WQN we are always working to make our processes more secure to protect customer information, we offer the highest standards of encryption, credit card payment processing and website identity so WQN customers can rest assured that they are doing business with a knowledgeable and trustworthy company and professional team.

PIN-less Dialing

WQN’s PIN-less Dialing feature allows you to connect your calls instantly. Register phone numbers that you frequently call from (home, office, cell, etc.). Whenever you make a call from one of these phones, our system will automatically recognize the number with our ANI-recognition (Caller-ID) technology.

Automatic ANI registration –NEW!

With WQN you can now register your ANIs during a call made from a not registered ANI. You just have to enter the PIN once and the system will prompt you to confirm if you wish to register the number you are calling from.

Speed Dial

You can store up to 98 phone numbers for easy and convenient dialing. No need to enter 15+ digit international numbers - simply enter your pre-assigned speed dial number. You can manage your list of stored numbers easily through My Account. To use your Speed Dial you just need to dial the 1 or 2 digits code followed by # when the system prompts you to enter the number.





My Magic Numbers –NEW!

This is an optimized, simpler and quicker version of the Speed Dial feature where we’ll assign you dedicated numbers, at no additional cost, that you can set up to call PIN less from your registered ANIs and they will ring straight to your family just as if you were with them overseas so you can add these Magic Numbers to your Contacts to avoid the hassle of dialing an access number and then the destination number.

To find your Magic Numbers and set them up you just need to log in to My Account and look for My Magic Numbers section, you can re program them at any time, if you want to learn more or have any questions please Contact Us and one of our friendly customer service reps will be glad to assist you.

Extended hours for Customer Support –NEW!

WQN has always been recognized for its professional and friendly Customer Support team but now we are glad to extend our hours of operation to 24x7, Sunday through Sunday with English and Spanish available
Phone: 1.866.661.6176
E-mail: support@wqn.com

One-Click Trouble Ticket system Enabled on My Account –NEW!

In addition to the extended hours and ways to contact our Customer Support team you now have access to a trouble ticket system that can be used to report issues or simply send inquiries directly from My Account without having to call our Customer Support team. You just need to fill out the form with the proper information to identify the issue or inquiry, click Submit and we’ll get if fixed/answered for you (usually within 24 hours).

Different methods to recharge your account 24x7

With WQN you can recharge your account at any time through 3 different options:

  • Going to My Account.
  • Calling our 24x7 bilingual Customer Support team 1-866-661-6176  or
  • Over the phone through our automated system that can be reached at different stages during your call or by dialing our Admin Menu (please ask our CS for this)

 Low Balance alerts during your call –NEW!

With our WQN calling card we want to avoid service disruptions so we have implemented different balance checkpoints that will let you know when your account has reached a low balance with easy options to recharge at your convenience.


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