WQN Cool Features

Online Account Management My Account – OPTIMIZED

Magic Numbers – NEW!

Call MeNEW!

Over-the-phone ANI registration– NEW! 

24x7 Customer Support (English & Spanish)  - Extended Hours!

One Click Ticket System – NEW!

Speed Dial (up to 98)

Mobile App


In WQN we have promotions available throughout the year via emails, text messages, Facebook and Twitter in addition to our permanent Refer A Friend program and $5 credit free for new customers.

To subscribe your email address for promotions please enter your email here:

To subscribe to our VIP list for promotions via SMS a text msg. with the word WQN to 7606703130

Refer A Friend

Earn a $5.00 Credit! Tell friends and get a $5 credit. Your friends will get a $5 credit also. (for minimum recharges of $20).


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